Muggles Welcome (Back)

“I solemnly swear that I am [still] up to no good.” The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Florida in June 2010. That fall break I drove down with a friend to experience it; the world that I had grown up reading about and imagining was suddenly tangible and more real that even the movies made it seem. That visit prompted my Muggles Welcome post, which can be found here. When I went in 2010, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter only consisted of Hogwarts and a Hogsmeade set up within Islands of Adventure. Read More

Wanderlust Rewind: Montego Bay, Jamaica (April 2017)

My favorite vacations are the vacations where I can venture out, explore the destination I am in, and experience the culture of the destination. Unfortunately, not every vacation allows me the opportunity to wander and explore. There are some vacations where all I really have time to do is eat and relax. This trip to Jamaica was one of the latter vacations. In my line of work, I sometimes get lucky enough to stumble across super cheap and sometimes free hotel stays. When I stumble on something super cheap or free, it’s usually for a pretty short stay. This vacation happened Read More

Wanderlust Rewind: Macau, China

About once a year, I attend an alumni event for my alma mater’s honors college. The director usually asks me what I have been up to. A few years ago I replied “well, I’ve been to China and back among other things,” as I had just been to Macau. I then had to explain to every one that the company I work for has a global gathering every year, only top performers get to go, and on this particular trip I spent more time on a plane than I did on the ground in destination. I also pointed out the scars Read More