Becca Behind the Blog

Meet Becca

Hi there!  I’m the Becca behind “Becca Beyond the Border.”  I’m a 29 year old working professional living in Nashville, Tennessee.  By day I’m a sales ninja; by night I’m a professional wanderluster, culture fanatic, foodie, and aspiring writer.

I started traveling when I was 4 years old.  When I was 5, I started flying between California and Idaho to see my grandparents during school breaks.  Over multiple summer and winter breaks my grandparents ignited and fueled the wanderlust spark in their RV.  They took me to national parks, monuments, and historic sites.  At the age of 13, I started traveling internationally and have since been to 21 countries.

When I’m not traveling, planning my next trip, or daydreaming of the places I haven’t been, I enjoy cooking, watching too much Food Network, and cheering (loudly) for the Nashville Predators.

The Story Behind the Blog

Becca Beyond the Border was admittedly started on a whim.  I had stumbled upon submission forms for Guy’s Big Project on Food Network and I wanted to apply.  I quickly came up with a blog name and threw together a rough website to try to make myself stand out.  Ultimately, I didn’t make it to Guy Fieri’s desk, but the desire to write about my travel experiences lingered.  At the time, I was working in sales for a travel wholesaler and traveling a couple of times a year.  However, I wasn’t writing much – writing about my travels seemed too much like my day job, which I desperately needed a break from at the end of every day.  So, my blog sat pretty much untouched until recently.  My day job changed and the itch to write has slowly started to come back.

I originally created Becca Beyond the Border so that I could write solely about my about travel experiences.  But there’s so much more to my story than travel.  I struggle with both my physical and mental health.  Being open about those struggles leaves me feeling vulnerable, but it’s an important discussion to have.  Becca Beyond the Border will include my journey to being the best version of myself, “beyond the border” of my comfort zone, as well as encourage healthy self dialogue when it comes to traveling and living the best life possible.