Going Down Under – The Itinerary

As I mentioned in my “Family Trip Planning” post, I turn 30 next year.  I considered several “dirty 30” vacation ideas before booking an Australia and New Zealand cruise.  The cruise is booked – now it’s time to plan, budget, and save!

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Before the Cruise

With any cruise, I always recommend flying in at least the day before the cruise departs. Doing so gives you some wiggle room in case of delays, missed connections, or any other potential travel mishaps.  For this particular trip, I’m planning to fly into Sydney three days prior to the cruise departing.  This will give me time to adjust to a very different time zone and actually experience Sydney a bit.

The Cruise Itinerary

Each destination is going to require a bit of research so I can maximize my time and see/do as much as possible with the time that I’m given.  With that said, the itinerary that I’m working with is below.  Information on these destinations and my sightseeing plans will come as I continue to research and plan.

Day 1: Depart Sydney, Australia

Day 2: Eden, Australia

Day 3: Day at Sea

Day 4: Melbourne, Australia

Day 5: Day at Sea

Day 6: Hobart, Tasmania

Day 7: Day at Sea

Day 8: Day at Sea

Day 9: Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound, Dusky Sound, New Zealand

Day 10: Dunedin, New Zealand

Day 11: Christchurch, New Zealand

Day 12: Wellington, New Zealand

Day 13: Day at Sea

Day 14: Tauranga, New Zealand

Day 15: Auckland, New Zealand

After the Cruise

My current “post-cruise” plan is to stay in Auckland for two, maybe three, additional nights before flying home.  Visits to Hobbiton and the Waitomo caves are top of my Auckland must do list, but that list will likely grow as time goes on.

This trip is quite literally a Bucket List trip, so I’m very excited.  More to come as I plan, research, and budget my way towards the down under!

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