Family Trip Planning

Too many chefs in the kitchen.  Too many hands in the pot.  Too many irons in the fire.  We’ve all heard these sayings before, but maybe not while talking about travel or travel planning though they certainly apply in travel planning situations.

I turn 30 in 2020 (that’s just weird to type out) so some friends and I had been tossing around the idea of doing a “Dirty 30” vacation.  Then my parents found a cruise in August of 2020 that would go from New Jersey to Dublin, Ireland, and I decided I was going to do that instead.  It went places I haven’t been yet (Greenland and Iceland) and dumped me in Europe.  What more could my little wanderlust heart ask for?

In an effort to save some money, I asked my second cousin if she wanted to go and be my roommate, because the difference in cost of a single occupancy room and a double occupancy room was significant enough that I wasn’t too keen on rooming alone.  She was on board with going and mentioned it to her parents to see if they’d want to join in on the fun.

Next thing I know, we’re looking at cruises to Iceland and Ireland from Southampton, England, and other Northern European itineraries, debating on what to do that would make everyone happy and check something off of everyone’s list. Too many irons in the fire, remember?

Ultimately, my dad came out of left field suggesting a two week cruise from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand.  So that’s what we’ve all booked and deposited after much back and forth. Now the real fun begins of trying to plan excursions and port days while remembering we don’t have to agree on doing the same things…more on that and the rest of my personal planning process to come.

Photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises

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