Travel Amidst a Pandemic

I have been traveling and flying for as long as I can remember.  In all my years of traveling, I have never called my mom crying hours before a flight because my anxiety surrounding the trip was so high.  That changed back in March. Let me provide some background.  My Oma (grandmother) passed away in February and the memorial service was scheduled for March 21.  This gave the county time to release her for cremation.  It also gave family that live outside of California time to find flights and make travel arrangements.  My husband and I were booked to fly Read More

Becca’s Guide to Overpacking: California Edition

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a list maker.  Whenever I am going on a trip, I always have a list of everything that I need to pack.  Even with said list I worry that I’m going to forget something but it helps keep me mostly on track. Anyone that knows me also knows that I am a chronic over-packer.  Yes, even when I make a list I pack too much stuff.  How?  Because these kinds of questions start to go through my head as I pack: What if I don’t want to wear that shirt? Better pack Read More

Becca’s Bites: Otaku Ramen {Nashville}

When someone says “ramen,” I tend to think of one of two things: Justin Timberlake’s hair circa 1999/2000 Dehydrated noodles that you can buy for $1 or less per pack. What I don’t think of is a satisfying meal that leaves me feeling stuffed.  That recently changed, though, with a visit to Otaku Ramen here in Nashville.  My second cousin was in town.  She wanted something for dinner that she could not get at home.  I either wanted to eat somewhere that I haven’t been yet or somewhere that my fiance wouldn’t eat.  Otaku was on that list.  Sure, my Read More

My Non-Travel Story: Physical Health

“In the last 9 years, what has been your lowest weight?” “I don’t know.” “At what weight did you first think you were overweight or had a weight problem?” “I don’t know.  I’ve always felt bigger, chunkier, even as a kid.  But I think there was a point in college I was 220 and didn’t feel good.  Can we go with that?” This is a very real conversation that I had with the doctor I recently saw at a weight loss clinic.  The weight loss clinic that my therapist suggested I go to.  But honestly, a lot of this started Read More